[keycloak-user] Does Keycloak's SPNEGO support include fall-back to NTLM in absence of Kerberos?

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Jun 29 03:05:51 EDT 2016

I afraid that it won't work ATM. You can create JIRA for this though. 
However I am not sure if it's priority for us to do that.

Alternatively you can try to contribute this yourself. Maybe the only 
required thing will be to add NTLM OID ( ) to the 
list here 
. However I afraid it likely won't be that easy...


On 28/06/16 17:47, Guy Davis wrote:
> Good day,
> For sake of argument, assume that someone has set up a MS Active 
> Directory domain with Kerberos disabled, but NTLM still enabled.  In 
> that situation, would a user browsing to a Keycloak-protected 
> application, with LDAP+SPNEGO enabled (against that MS AD system) 
> still allow for Integrated Windows Authentication (auto-login without 
> prompt) to web application?
> Thanks much,
> Guy
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