[keycloak-user] Remove username/password fields from login

Simon Gordon dev at sgordon.totalise.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 15:42:22 EST 2016

Hi there

(Thanks for the fast help on the Openshift Catridge btw)

In our scenarios, there is no intention for users to have a username and 
password within KeyCloak - hence just use identities from Identity 

Within the 'Authentication' settings, choose 'Browser' as flow type, I can 
see 'Username Password form', but it is always 'Required'.

I can see that some kind of login form is needed (we will not have a 
default) so users choose IdP, but really don't want the username/password 
fields. Do I resort to just removing them from the login template?

I ask because the setting is a bit odd to have if it is always 'Required', 
so I'm concerned that I'm missing a general issue which pushes me towards 
giving all of our users passwords for KC. Which I'm keen to avoid.

Maybe the console setting could do with a rename?


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