[keycloak-user] Encoding theme selection in realm?

Chris Hairfield chairfield at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 21:35:38 EST 2016

We've built some themes, login and email, and configured our Keycloak 1.6.1
such that the theme is available in both dropdowns on the first start of
the server, but I'd like to optimize a bit more. Since we import our
realms, is it possible to configure them such that our theme is selected
without any manual input?

On a related note, is it possible to configure the admin user such that we
don't need to reset their password on first start of the server? We expect
to upgrade to 1.7.x or higher soon, which may be relevant given how the
admin account is removed. I'd be curious to know whether my ask is possible
on either 1.6.1 or higher.

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