[keycloak-user] Not using keycloak in development

Thomas Darimont thomas.darimont at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 15 12:10:02 EDT 2016


another option you can try is to run the embedded KeycloakServer within an
IDE or via Maven - for this to work
you need a checked out version from Keycloak, which you need anyway for any
serious Keycloak integration work...

For the former, just run the `org.keycloak.testsuite.KeycloakServer`-main
class, for the later you can
run `mvn exec:java -Pkeycloak-server` from within the
`keycloak/testsuite/integration` folder.

`org.keycloak.testsuite.KeycloakServer` provides a few options for
configuring the embedded keycloak.


2016-03-15 16:33 GMT+01:00 Martijn Claus <m.claus at smile.nl>:

> Hi Thomas (and others),
> Thanks for your time. What you are describing is my plan B (a shared
> Keycloak instance running to which all developers can connect), but as you
> expected I prefer to not have to be online nor to run an extra application
> (Keycloak) every time. 99% of the time a default user will suffice and will
> make the development process a lot more lightweight. Other suggestions are
> very welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Martijn
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> On Mar 15, 2016 16:57, "Martijn Claus" <m.claus at smile.nl> wrote:
> > I’ve been setting up Keycloak and liking it thus far. We are using it in
> an angular / Spring / REST context. For development there are cases where I
> don’t want to run the Keycloak application (war) but only my own
> application. I assume this is a valid usecase. But if I turn the Keycloak
> off, the angular frontend will redirect me to an offline url and the
> application fails. I will not have a token and the backend will rightfully
> throw back some AccessDeniedExceptions. Is there a way to use some kind of
> (magic/permanent/development) token that will be accepted by the backend
> and the Keycloak application will never have to be contacted? Or is there
> some other feature that my backend spring keycloak adapter will accept
> anything and work with a default user?
> >
> I'm not sure what you suspect is possible, but here's what we do:
> In development mode we use Keycloak configuration which connects to a
> shared Keycloak instance where we have configured a specific realm and
> client allowing the use of localhost as redirect URL. This works for every
> developer and we don't need to "turn off" authentication.
> The downside is that you need to be online. If this is a problem you could
> always use Vagrant or Docker to run Keycloak on localhost. But I guess you
> were trying to avoid this.
> In production we naturally use another Keycloak configuration which we can
> enable through Spring profiles or Tomcat context.xml or whatever method
> best fits the situation.
> Hope this helps!
> Best regards,
> Thomas
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