[keycloak-user] Obtain user from Keycloak admin API using LDAP_ID

Edgar Vonk - Info.nl Edgar at info.nl
Thu Mar 17 06:54:35 EDT 2016


Since we use MSAD/LDAP as user store the user’s LDAP_ID in Keycloak is for us the unique ID of a user and not Keycloak’s internal user ID.

However it seems that it is not possible to retrieve users based on the LDAP_ID attribute using the Keycloak admin API?

There is:

GET /admin/realms/{realm}/users/{id}

but this uses the internal Keycloak user ID which we cannot use (if only because sometimes we wipe out the Keycloak database and re-import all users from MSAD/LDAP)


GET /admin/realms/{realm}/users

only allows searching on a very limited number of standard user attributes

How should we go about solving this? Does it make sense to create a feature request in JIRA to extend the /users API endpoint to allow searching on arbitrary user attributes for example? Or is it feasible to add our own endpoint to Keycloak’s REST API perhaps?


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