[keycloak-user] Is there a possibility to stop users changing their passwords too often?

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Tue Mar 22 03:53:09 EDT 2016

Didn't think of that. Feel free to create a JIRA to request it.

On 18 March 2016 at 18:45, Stefan Reuter <stefan.reuter at reucon.com> wrote:

> On 18/03/16 12:58, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
> > Seems like a strange requirement. I can see why you would want users to
> > update the password frequently, not the other way around. Or is there
> > something I'm missing?
> This makes sense when combined with a password history policy.
> To prevent users from reusing old password you also have to prevent them
> from changing the passwords immediately after they were just changed.
> =Stefan
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