[keycloak-user] Arquillian / Remote Container / EJB Security

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Mar 23 10:01:17 EDT 2016

We have some example here : 

Then if there is possibility to somehow access JAAS Subject or Principal 
from the JAAS authentication inside EJB (which I hope it is), you can 
just cast the principal to KeycloakPrincipal and retrieve the 
accessToken from it.


On 23/03/16 13:01, Lauer Markus wrote:
> Hello,
> We'd like to access secured EJBs (@RolesAllowed) from Arquillian tests.
> While it is no problem to get a valid access token, we stuck at howto
> "inject" the token into the session to actual access the secured EJBs.
> Is it possible to use the JAAS LoginModule (LoginContext etc.) for this?
> Can someone provide an example?
> Please note: There is a solution with @RunAs. But this only allows to
> specify one role at once.
> Regards,
> Markus.
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