[keycloak-user] Nginx SSL endpoint login form action url uses wrong http scheme

Gary Smith Gary.Smith at cit.ie
Thu Mar 24 07:20:05 EDT 2016


I currently have standalone Keycloak running behind an SSL enabled Nginx proxy, self signed certs. for the moment.

Keycloak client is running on http://localhost:8080, ssl required = none, Nginx setup to redirect any request to /auth   to this instance of Keycloak.

This is a web app using the Keycloak Javascript Adapaer set to public.

Issue is the Keycloak login form action, it's url is using the http scheme rather than https so as a result login fails.

If I do a live edit in the browser of the forms url and change the scheme to https everything is fine and all the other url's (such as account information) work correctly in the app.

Wondering if I am doing something wrong here or if it is a known issue,



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