[keycloak-user] Example for using rest admin?

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Mar 30 07:33:47 EDT 2016

We have admin-client and the example is in the directory "admin-client" 
of example distribution, also there is some docs here : 

However our admin client doesn't support configuration through JSON file 
- it's all programmatic configuration for creating "Keycloak" object as 
you can see in the example. You can externalize to JSON in your own app 
if you want configuration externalized.

Also we don't support the service accounts for admin client ATM. 
Currently you always need admin user and his password available and 
"Direct access grant" is used under the hood by admin-client to 
authenticate admin. Feel free to create JIRA to support Service account 
for calling admin-client. It makes sense to support this IMO.


On 24/03/16 23:13, Hristo Stoyanov wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to do this:
> 1. Have a war deployed in wildfly10
> 2. Need to instantiate a kc rest admin service and use the app service 
> account
> 3. Need to manipulate user attributes and roles as the app runs via 
> the rest admin API.
> I see some examples, but they are heavy on servlet configuration and 
> low level HTTP header manipulations. I need something that picks the 
> configuration from the adapter (not reading json conf) and use JEE 
> client jax-rs 2.0 to call KC. Any pointers/sample code will be 
> appreciated! Thanks!
> /Hristo Stoyanov
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