[keycloak-user] Realm Roles not returned on search

Chris Savory chris.savory at edlogics.com
Wed Nov 2 12:58:32 EDT 2016

Is there a setting avaiable to get an Admin API user search to return the Realm Roles?  

This does not return the roles:
	public List<UserRepresentation> getAllUsers() {
		return keyCloak.realm( applicationSettings.getKeycloakApplicationProperties().getRealm() )
				.users().search( StringUtils.EMPTY, 0, Integer.MAX_VALUE );

If we need the roles, we are currently forced to this:
	public UserRepresentation getUserById( String id ) {
		UserResource userResource = keyCloak.realm( applicationSettings.getKeycloakApplicationProperties().getRealm() )
				.users().get( id );
		UserRepresentation userRepresentation = userResource.toRepresentation();
		userRepresentation.setRealmRoles( userResource.roles().getAll().getRealmMappings().stream().map( RoleRepresentation::getName ).collect( Collectors.toList() ) );
		userRepresentation.setGroups( userResource.groups().stream().map( GroupRepresentation::getName ).collect( Collectors.toList() ) );

		return userRepresentation;

There are some cases we have where we are getting a large list of users and would want to exclude any R0LE_ADMIN in that list.  Checking them all one-by-one would be very inefficient. 

Christopher Savory
Software Engineer | EdLogics

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