[keycloak-user] How to Pass User Attributes on Bearer Only Application?

Carlos Feria carlosthe19916 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:10:08 EST 2016

Hi all. I have an Angular2 application(frontend) and a Restful(jax-rs) for
rest services. My Angular2 application has a *Public Client* Configuration
and my Rest Services has a* Bearer Only* Client Configuration. I'm trying
to get user attributes using this code:

HttpServletRequest request = servletRequest.get(); org.keycloak.
KeycloakPrincipal kcPrincipal = (org.keycloak.KeycloakPrincipal) request.
org.keycloak.representations.AccessToken accessToken = kcPrincipal.
Map<String, Object> otherClaims = accessToken.getOtherClaims();

The problem is that accessToken.getOtherClaims() doesn't return any data. *I
think that this happens because my rest application is BEARER ONLY*, but
i'm not sure.

Please help me, *I need to pass data using user attributes (Employe
Department for example). How could I solve my problem?*

*Thank you very much!!!*

Carlos E. Feria Vila

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