[keycloak-user] Single Sign On without browser redirect.

Laghuvaram, Raghu RLaghuvaram at contractor.lb.com
Wed Nov 9 14:47:19 EST 2016

I have two applications App1 and App2(both are on different servers and both have different branding) and I want to achieve single sign on using key cloak. I have few concerns,

  1.  I want to make use of our own login/signin pages residing in App1 and App2 rather than redirecting to KeyCloak Login Page, and post the request to KeyCloak similar to org.keycloak.testsuite.util.OAuthClient#doGrantAccessTokenRequest. I am successful in getting AccessToken in App1, but how can I achieve SSO with App2 in this scenario?
  2.  If I can't have login pages to be on my apps, then can I have multiple login themes, in such a way that I can have different theme per app(per client). Right now I see that I can have only one theme per realm.
  3.  I have native mobile apps for these two apps, so I need to make sure my architecture supports login thru native apps as well.
  4.  Currently I am using Java Servlet Filter Adapter to make use of KeyCloak, I gave my secured pages url (/secured/*) for the filter KeycloakOIDCFilter and for non secured pages in my application ( where url is "/*") I have added another filter to refresh the token using "refreshableKeycloakSecurityContext.refreshExpiredToken(true);" This works perfect when I am using httpsession, but when I make stateless using the tokenstore to use cookie, then I can't get hold of   refreshableKeycloakSecurityContext with out replicating the httpsession across multiple instances of my web servers. If this is not the right way, then how can I maintain session with IDP from my non secured pages?



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