[keycloak-user] My KEYCLOAK_SESSION cookie is always wrong

Colin Ritchie colin.ritchie at tasktop.com
Mon Nov 14 14:47:35 EST 2016


I am running keycloak behind an reverse proxy.  After I log in, when
visiting the keycloak admin, the page refreshes every 5 seconds.  It
appears to be because my session cookie does not match the expected
KEYCLOAK_SESSION value in the server response.

When I monitor the traffic between the browser and keycloak, the cookie
sent to keycloak matches the cookie in the response.

When I put a breakpoint in the login.status.iframe.html getCookie() method,
I see the desired cookie with the incorrect name
"!Proxy!clusterProxyKEYCLOAK_SESSION", and I sometimes see a an invalid
cookie with the correct name "KEYCLOAK_SESSION".


Does anyone know what is happening here?

*Colin Ritchie **|* *Engineering Manager* *|* *Tasktop Technologies*

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