[keycloak-user] Redirect after verifying e-mail doesn't work

Martin Johansson martin.johansson at metrical.se
Wed Nov 16 03:10:04 EST 2016


I'm still experiencing troubles when the users have verified the e-mail.
The issue is the following.

   1. Create a user via REST API
   2. Add send-verify-email to the created user
   3. The user receives a verification e-mail
   4. When clicking the link, the e-mail is verified but the user stays on
   the verification page

I've tried the following to resolve the issue without any luck:

   - Update to Keycloak 2.3.0
   - Add required actions when creating the user
   - Pass query paramenters client_id along with redirect_uri
   - Pass only client_id and configuring the Base URL for said client

The JIRA board has an issue ( KEYCLOAK-2806
<https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-2806>) that is unresolved and
without any comments.

So, have anyone got this to work or have a workaround?

Any help is would be much appreciated.


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