[keycloak-user] How to stop the keycloak server from standalone sh

Stan Silvert ssilvert at redhat.com
Wed Nov 30 07:38:34 EST 2016

There is a jboss-cli command for restarting the server.


Or, you can try this one:


On 11/29/2016 2:44 PM, Amaeztu wrote:
> For the first reply, i could give it a try through the standalone.xml file (I can externalize it from the docker container and edit it).
> For the second, yes, that's the command I'm actually trying to execute but with the issue that I don't know how to stop the server through the container.
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>> If I understand correctly, you are asking if there is a way to trigger
>> the export when you don't have access to the command line?
>> You want to do something like this?
>> |bin/standalone.sh -Dkeycloak.migration.action=export
>> -Dkeycloak.migration.provider=singleFile -Dkeycloak.migration.file=<FILE TO EXPORT TO>
>> |
>> |It is possible to set system properties like those above from
>> standalone.xml. If you don't have direct access to edit standalone.xml,
>> you can set them with the WildFly admin console or connect with jboss-cli.|
>> ||
>> |Then |reboot the server and the export should happen.  I say "should"
>> because I've never actually tried it.
>> ||
>> On 11/29/2016 11:25 AM, Aritz Maeztu wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm running a keycloak instance from a docker image, so when I start the
>>> container everything is up an running. Now I want to export the realms
>>> and users to deploy it in production and I've got two chances:
>>> 1- Copy the values from the mysql database (I'm using the keycloak-mysql
>>> image).
>>> 2- Run the standalone.sh export command.
>>> I would like to go the second way, but I'm into trouble since the
>>> widlfly server is launched with the docker container altogether. I can
>>> browse in to it for the standalone.sh script, but still haven't found a
>>> way to stop it (as the server is launched I get a "Address already in
>>> use" error when I try to perform the export while the server is running).
>>> Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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