[keycloak-user] Custom UserStorage module issue

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Wed Nov 30 12:55:50 EST 2016

I think I may know what the problem is.  The registration page is split 
into multiple different processors.  The user is created in one 
processor and the flow context is set to the user.  The problem is, then 
context stores the user as an id and every time a processor needs the 
user it does a lookup by id.  So, what I think is happening in your 
situation is that you are creating multiple different proxy objects in 
the same transaction and your transaction commit logic is confused by this.

I  don't think the Keycloak runtime can keep track of UserModels loaded 
in the transaction and bypass invoking the UserStorageProvider methods.  
Why?  Mainly because of bulk query methods....  So, you'll have to keep 
track of the proxies you create in your provider.  Hopefully that makes 

On 11/30/16 11:29 AM, Nikolay Petrovski wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following problem - trying to create a custom *UserStorageProvider
> *over my new installation of *Keycloak 2.4.0.Final.* The Kc instance is
> configured to work with MongoDB local storage, and I want to attach another
> external user storage.
> Everything in my custom module seems to work fine, until it gets to :
> ...
> @Override
> public UserModel addUser(final RealmModel realm, String username) {
>          // Add local storage user
>          UserModel user = session.userLocalStorage().addUser(realm,
> username);
>          user.setFederationLink(model.getId());
>          return proxy(realm, user, remoteUser);
> }
> ...
> That *proxy *method extends with several UserModelDelegate(s), one of them
> is a KeycloakTransaction-driven model delegate, which should does external
> storage user creation on commit() action.
> Pretty much the same code as the LDAP UserStoreProvider.
> The problem comes when I try to register new user and a *commit()* is
> called (KeycloakTransaction is closed) only "email" and "custom attribute"
> properties are filled (setEmail() and setAttribute() are called) within my
> delegated object. The user I am trying to create in my external source has
> only "Email" and "Phone (as a custom attribute)" values populated after
> registration process.
> Any idea if I miss something? Or, any other way I can get the whole
> UserModel populated while register new user in Keycloak, so then I can send
> it over to my external user storage?
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