[keycloak-user] Performance issues with large number of realms (500+)

Gabriel Lavoie glavoie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 09:49:20 EDT 2016

     our Keycloak setup is being used in a multi-tenant fashion with a
large number of realms assigned to different instances of our application
(multiple customers). We are now seeing a few performance issues with the
startup and administration.

First question: Do you have guidelines on a maximum number of realms that
Keycloak should support before we split in smaller clusters?

I traced at least 2 things in the KC code that could be improved. Should I
open tickets for both?

1 - Slow startup (5 minutes with 500 realms):
In the KeycloakApplication class constructor, the "isNewInstall()" test to
check if the master realm must be created triggers the loading and caching
of all realms. This loading seems to be hit with a similar issue that I had
in the past with realm export: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-2413

The named query that gets executed a lot of times in
RealmAdapter.getAuthenticationExecution() triggers a flush within Hibernate
every times. If the flush mode gets set to "COMMIT" (can't be changed by
default but I tested it), the loading time goes down to approximately 30
secs which is acceptable.

It would likely be a good idea to create a read-only transaction with the
flush mode set to COMMIT during startup to pre-fill the cache, then
continue with the rest of the initialization. When the cache is filled,
accessing info on all realms seems to be fine.

2 - Slow display of the master realm admin screen.
When accessing the admin screen, AdminConsole.whoAmI() eventually process
all the roles on all the realm for the admin
user. KeycloakModelUtils.searchFor() gets called a lot of times to navigate
through all the composite permissions. With 500 realms, the user has about
6500 total permissions available. This part of the code would likely
benefit a lot from a cache of the exploded composite permissions.



Gabriel Lavoie
glavoie at gmail.com

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