[keycloak-user] rolling upgrade

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Fri May 26 00:39:42 EDT 2017


no we don't have support for this. You would need to possibly do it 
manually in more steps like:

1) Copy your DB to some other location (eg. my-db2)
2) Stop one of cluster nodes (eg. node1), update it and start against 
new my-db2. Make sure it's started in isolated cluster. I think this can 
be done by tweaking "-u" property to use different multicast address 
though. Also make sure that loadbalancer requests will ignore it
3) Once node1 is started against updated database, you can point your 
loadbalancer to use it.
4) Then you can stop other cluster nodes and start them against "my-db2" 
and to join same cluster like node1

Not sure, maybe the process can/needs to be different according your setup.

I see the biggest issue is, that there is time window between steps 1-4, 
which can cause DB inconsistencies. For example your new updated DB will 
be "my-db2", but at the time when node1 is starting and updating this 
DB, there may be new writes to the original DB. For example some user 
may register or updating his account in the meantime. Those updates will 
then be lost.


On 24/05/17 08:59, mathias.goeppel at daimler.com wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> for a few months we are using keycloak at car2go. Currently we are on keycloak version 2.5.4.Final but we’d like to upgrade. Is there any documented way how to do this in a clustered environment without downtime?
> Are older versions compatible to the new database scheme so we can perform a rolling upgrade? Are objects cached in Infinispan compatible?
> The only documentation I found so far ishttps://keycloak.gitbooks.io/documentation/server_admin/topics/MigrationFromOlderVersions.html but this does involve downtime. Am I missing something? What is the approach you would recommend?
> Thanks in advance - mat
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