[keycloak-user] Keycloak as OIDC provider to AWS ALB, any hints!

Hiroyuki Wada h2-wada at nri.co.jp
Tue Jul 17 02:29:29 EDT 2018

Hi Max,

I tried integrating AWS ELB and Keycloak one month ago
and I encountered same problem.

Because AWS ELB doesn't follow the OAuth2 spec correctly,
it rejects the token endpoint response from Keycloak.
The response from Keycloak contains "token_type" as follows:


But AWS ELB expects as follows:


OAuth2 spec says the value is case insensitive as below.

> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749#section-4.2.2
> token_type
> REQUIRED. The type of the token issued as described in
> Section 7.1. Value is case insensitive.

So, I think we need to wait until AWS fixes this issue...

If you want to try it now, you can do it by replacing the response
in front of Keycloak using Apache HTTPD Server and so on.

I tried the below setting for Apache HTTPD Server and it works!!
I used Substitute Directive to replace the value.

<VirtualHost *:80>
     ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/
     ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080/
     ProxyErrorOverride off

     AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE application/json
     Substitute s/"token_type":"bearer"/"token_type":"Bearer"/n

Best Regards,

Hiroyuki Wada
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
h2-wada at nri.co.jp

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On 2018/07/14 1:30, Max Allan wrote:
>   ​Hi,
> The AWS ALB​ will allow you to authenticate to cognito or OIDC nowadays.
> I thought "Great, I can connect it up to my KeyCloak".
> Sadly not. Well, I can connect it to KeyCloak and see sensible looking
> headers and JWTs flowing back and forth.
> And then the ALB says "500 Internal Server Error" :-(
> I can see a request to keycloak (from the client) :
> https://auth.care.surevine.com/auth/realms/care/protocol/openid-connect/auth?client_id=jira&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fdev.care.surevine.com%2Foauth2%2Fidpresponse&response_type=code&scope=email&state=8sp1j3N3baPa1r%2BEjDViEe5S2%2BOFqfbafOydLei7YpkSf99waAoS32Ndkj4QUf%2FQ29LfaaUJNIMifQ4N53Tg%2BGSwb2zbgvsHrCfcARJWICHRhpZ2zpvGZbzJd8T%2FV5QUhHWL7kTGpscgOgpaMAPquI6QPbYLxRE2ekpN73XhRTQ4LBFoSUCfHW60x70vTJ3SbPTwkTFbwyZ%2FBVo%3D
> And it 302 redirects back to the ALB :
> https://dev.care.surevine.com/oauth2/idpresponse?state=8sp1j3N3baPa1r%2BEjDViEe5S2%2BOFqfbafOydLei7YpkSf99waAoS32Ndkj4QUf%2FQ29LfaaUJNIMifQ4N53Tg%2BGSwb2zbgvsHrCfcARJWICHRhpZ2zpvGZbzJd8T%2FV5QUhHWL7kTGpscgOgpaMAPquI6QPbYLxRE2ekpN73XhRTQ4LBFoSUCfHW60x70vTJ3SbPTwkTFbwyZ%2FBVo%3D&code=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..1WmnIXPxo_LeP7ERufRgtw.cFEmEJV_q94bhpBQLz0QEzSYitZtCgIGc5295VHbhwreJn9e4rxWolcRSPLz1VtliniI-MgSZ8wRoyNYYPiAUdXZ4z53__Z2CoRNMr0xNg96S0u5Xobo3EEzKy37x_9flU2ypWxfehQ-ZaXFoQhY6xL6y8QADlM-DmaR27bL5WUGYsTUQg5PY695PiygS7u3yQM1zUjHO2T3iROOuNr_5S-6LyaUo8GWD1XSMxp9ydlJTm-oC8Lmh2tCDvhRoJqj.amBQSuQIGlk7Ganopg4O2A
> On the KeyCloak server I can see the POST requests from the browser coming
> in and hitting the authenticate URL, KC hands back a 302 (the URL above)
> Then the ALB does a POST to the token endpoint and gets a 200 response with
> a nice chunk of access token. I can decode it and see my details quite
> happily. I even validated the signature. (Using jwt.io 's debugger.)
> Although the ALB doesn't ask for the certificate at any stage, so I don't
> think it even bothers validating it.
> But it doesn't seem to like it. And gives me a 500 error.
> (I can authenticate with Google OIDC without any trouble...)
> (NB Any secrets in any of those strings won't get you very far, there is no
> content yet :-) )
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