[keycloak-user] Automatically login user after account creation via Admin REST client

Mariusz Chruscielewski - Info.nl mariusz at info.nl
Thu Feb 7 04:36:51 EST 2019

Our webapp is using Keycloak Tomcat adapter.
We use Admin REST client to create user account in Keycloak when user subscribes for our PRO account.
We have onboarding flow and for that we would like to login user just after he creates PRO account, so not redirect to keycloak login page and let user fill in credentials, but to do some REST call, or redirects what will cause adapter to login user automatically.
For example: user subscribes for our PRO service, sets username, password, we make account in Keycloak via REST, and then on next step, user is logged in automatically.

Is that possible? I know we can login user using standard Token endpoint, but that is not creating all Keycloak objects in session (KeycloakPrincipal, AccessToken, etc).

Is there any good way to do it?

Mariusz Chruscielewski - Info.nl

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