[keycloak-user] TCPPING problem.

Vaclav Havlik Johny.Dee at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 11 04:53:41 EST 2019

sorry, after some investigation I got it to work. The problem seems to have 
been, that I have to use a concrete address in interface, not any-addr .

But here is another less problem.
I have 2 instances of Keycloak on 2 different computers, namely 
and . Config files and log files are attached. I also use httpd 
load-balancer in front of them.

It works very well with my specialized webapp called web_app_clustering, 
which is also attached . It is plain webapp, thus JSESSIONID is always sent.

Now with Keycloak, I have set up a realm and SPNEGO & TOTP  to log into   /
auth/realms/<realm>/account  .  To goal is to keep the session and avoid 
TOTP form again.

it is not 100% reliable. Sometimes , when I log in into one instance and 
then I start the other instance and stop the first instance, it empties the 
cookies and display TOTP form again. But sometimes it works.

I wanted to experiment with attribute mode ( SYNC / ASYNC ) of replicated-
cache / distributed-cache, but it errors that there is no such attribute. 

I am also attaching timeouts for the realm.

Thank you, Venca.

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Komu: Vaclav Havlik <Johny.Dee at seznam.cz>
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Předmět: Re: [keycloak-user] TCPPING problem. 
"Hey Vaclav, 

Could you please send us your configuration xml (make sure you're using 
standalone-ha.xml) and output of your logs? 


On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 12:04 PM Vaclav Havlik <Johny.Dee at seznam.cz> wrote: 

> Dears, 
> I would like to ask a question. 
> I have Wildfly, version WildFly Full 14.0.1.Final(http://14.0.1.final) 
> (WildFly Core 6.0.2.Final(http://6.0.2.final)) . 
> And then I have Keycloak, version Keycloak 4.7.0.Final(http://4.7.0.final)

> (WildFly Core 6.0.2.Final(http://6.0.2.final)) . 
> Static cluster configuration, using TCPPING, works in Wildflys, but does 
> not 
> work in Keycloaks. 
> I always have 2 instances on localhost (browser thus sends them the same 
> JSESSIONID). On both I have deployed a testing clustering webapp, with 
> which to test, if sessions are replicated. But Keycloaks do not pass 
> sessions to each other. I can see that when the page from the second 
> instance is reloaded in browser, it sends Set-Cookie header with another 
> cookie, as it obviously does not know the JSESSIONID from the first 
> instance. 
> With Wildflys the same does work. 
> Can you tell me, is there any reason, why this is the case, when Keycloak 
> uses Wildfly ? 
> Thank you. With regards V. Havlik. 
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