[keycloak-user] How to ignore access token from external IDP and only look for ID_TOKEN?

Mart Abel mart.abel at finestmedia.ee
Mon Feb 18 05:11:07 EST 2019

Hi, I need to integrate external identity provider to Keycloak and in that External Identity provider all the info about the user is forwarded in Identity token.

This is what I get back from the /oidc/token endpoint

    "access_token": "AT-40-aswvpV85wez9xpZTNsmKnaFlkafmHPe7",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "expires_in": 28800,
    "id_token": "JWTIDENTITYTOKEN"


  "jti": "XXXX",
  "iss": "XXXX",
  "aud": "XXXX",
  "exp": 1550511120,
  "iat": 1550482320,
  "nbf": 1550482020,
  "sub": "ZZZZZ",
  "profile_attributes": {
    "date_of_birth": "ZZZ",
    "family_name": "ZZZ",
    "given_name": "ZZZ"
  "amr": [
  "state": "hkMVY7vjuN7xyLl5",
  "nonce": "",
  "at_hash": "ndHD+z4/M/If7NGFUEOOig=="

1)      So as you can see, that Access_token is not in jwt format so that is a problem number 1 because Keycloak will give me a error when it gets it in that format. How to disable it or change it somehow?
"Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: org.keycloak.broker.provider.IdentityBrokerException: Could not fetch attributes from userinfo endpoint."

2)      So then I mocked the IDP just to test it and changed Access_token to some jwt formated token and then it told me Invalid paramater, username is missing.

How to configure Keycloak like that I could get all the data from ID_token and having Access token in that format would not break the flow?



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