[keycloak-user] Client not allowed to exchange

Andrew J. Alexander andrew.j.alexander at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 12:29:34 EST 2019

I am getting a returned value of "client not allowed to exchange"

Feb 19 17:20:39 keycloak-0ea709bc8787a3a29 standalone.sh[1149]:
#033[0m#033[33m17:20:39,754 WARN  [org.keycloak.events] (default task-21)
type=TOKEN_EXCHANGE_ERROR, realmId=master, clientId=client-id-here,
userId=null, ipAddress=, error=not_allowed, reason='client not
allowed to exchange subject_issuer', auth_method=token_exchange,
subject_issuer=facebookdev, client_auth_method=client-secret

What's the problem here? Is it due to an issue with my client-secret (I am
guessing this as I'm not currently passing in a value)? Is it due to some
setting on the client itself?

I've set Access Type to public, direct grants are enabled and the protocol
is openid-connect

Does anyone have any experience with this? I am attempting to do a token

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