[keycloak-user] Running Keycloak behind Apache Reverse Proxy

Vikram vikram.eswar at fleetroute.com
Thu Feb 21 11:40:53 EST 2019

Hi all,

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

I am running an https secured apache server as a reverse proxy. Lets say 
at https://example.com

Now, I have a keycloak server running on the same machine, lets say at 
http://localhost:1234 (note: HTTP)

I have set it up such that https://example.com/keycloak points to 

Now, I have a javascript application which is trying to authenticate 
with Keycloak using a javascript adapter. In the keycloak.json 
configuration file, I have the url set up as :

url : 'https://example.com/keycloak/auth|'|

This does not work. In order to access keycloak for authentication from 
the outside world, I need this to connect.

Anything on this ?

I have already looked at this link :


I have tried setting the certificate lookup but I am not sure if I am 
doing it right. I set it within the virtualhost block in the 
default-ssl.conf file through RequestHeader.




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