[keycloak-user] How to configure limited user account, that can only manage users

Mariusz Chruscielewski - Info.nl mariusz at info.nl
Fri Feb 22 04:56:25 EST 2019

Hi. We were using Keycloak 3.4.3 and we had account for customer service, that can manage users.

Client roles (for selected realms): impersonation, manage-users, view-users

After upgrade to KC 4.8.2, user can login, but when he selects realm, Forbidden message is shown. After assigning “view-realm” role, it works, but user see too much in  menu that we want him to.

Left menu contains:
Configure (Realm Settings, Roles, User Federation, Authentication)
Manage (Users, Groups, Sessions)

Isn’t there any way to hide “Configure” part of menu, and show only “Manage” ?


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