[keycloak-user] Performance decrease after upgrade

keycloak-user at imber.wien keycloak-user at imber.wien
Mon Feb 25 09:53:32 EST 2019


we're running nightly stress tests against our keycloak dev environment,
to monitor maximum throughput rates and average response times of
selected endpoints. 

After upgrading from KC 3.4.3 to 4.8.3, we noticed considerable dents in
our curves. 

For example:
Userinfo dropped from ~12k max. Requests per sec to ~7k; response times
increased from ~30ms to 45ms
Code flow (3 correlated requests): 1.5k -> 1k max. Requests per sec;
100ms -> 150ms response time
Password Credentials Grant: 800 -> 600 max. Requests per sec; 300ms ->
500ms response time 

We have another system running KC 4.5.0, which does not seem to suffer
from that performance decrease, so it was probably introduced with >

Are there any known developments that might be the reason for our


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