[keycloak-user] Need help related to SSO session idle and SSO session idle max

Khyati Kataria katariakhyati11 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 16:58:47 EDT 2019


I have one doubt related to these two fields: SSO session idle and SSO
session idle max in keycloak token settings

In our case it is been 30 minutes set as session idle , so webpage
should get logout within 30 minutes. But we can observe it is not
logging out after described time. We have also tried by setting to 2-3
minutes, but it’s not happening.

But, when we set Session_max to 3 minute, then webpage is getting
logout after 3 minutes.

So, basically it is taking session_max but session_idle is not working
in our project.

Could anyone please explain this behavior ? As per my understanding
session idle time is not working. or I am not sure Is this expected
behavior of keycloak or not ?

Thanks in advance !

Khyati Kataria

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