[resteasy] Imprecise http status code when a requested media type is not available

Yonghee Shin syonghee at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 16:40:25 EDT 2016


When the requested media type in the "Accept" http header is not available
on the server side, currently http status 500  is returned instead of 406
(Not Acceptable).

I traced the code and a simple change below
in org.jboss.resteasy.springmvc.ResteasyHandlerMapping.getHandler(HttpServletRequest
request) made it return the proper code:

      catch (NotFoundException e)
         if (throwNotFound)
            throw e;
         logger.error("Resource Not Found: " + e.getMessage(), e);
      catch (NotAcceptableException na) { // Added this exception handler

          logger.error("Not acceptable: " + na.getMessage(), na);
          requestWrapper.setError(406, "The requested media type is not
          return new HandlerExecutionChain(requestWrapper, interceptors);
      catch (Failure e)

I'm using resteasy-spring-2.3.7.jar.
Is there any newer version that already addresses this issue or would it be
possible to enhance the code in the future release?

I appreciate your help.
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