[seam-dev] session invalidation problem

Dan Allen dan.j.allen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 13:13:48 EDT 2008

I was doing some session size research today in my application and I
uncovered what appears to be a pretty nasty bug in Seam during the
post-session invalidation routine. If you call #{session.invalidate}
(which is also called by #{identity.logout} it leads to an *explosion*
of sessions. (~50)

To observe this behavior, install a servlet context listener that
watches for session creation. Then run one of these two action
listener methods. You can run Thread.dumpStack() in the listener to
see that it is happening as a result of attribute reads on the
ServerConversationContext. I guess because the session was
invalidated, Seam attempts to recreate the session over and over as it
works with the conversation within that request.


Dan Allen
Software consultant | Author of Seam in Action


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