[seam-dev] Google Summer of Code

Pete Muir pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk
Tue Apr 15 04:36:35 EDT 2008

On 15 Apr 2008, at 00:19, Dan Allen wrote:
>>  Dan, it sounds like you are interested? Do you have any specific  
>> projects
>> in mind?
> Negative, I would definitely not have the time with the backlog I
> managed to accumulate in the last year. However, I can recommend.
> I would really like to see an Excel export module...and then perhaps
> something with JasperReports if the Excel thing isn't enough work. The
> fact that we lack an Excel export comes up every time I propose Seam
> on a project. The second major thing is a NetBeans module (the one
> that exists is pretty crappy). Not to say that JBossTools isn't
> awesome it its own right, but NetBeans has its advantages and I would
> love to see us embrace that platform as well. Finally, we need
> conversations in the GWT integration, but that might be too simple for
> a project.
> If I think of anything else, I will pass it on.
> Should we ask for proposals from the community on the forums?

We should probably write these up anyway and link from jboss.org - it  
would be good to clearly identify areas that we think are good for  
people to help out on...


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