[seam-dev] Excel support

Nicklas Karlsson nickarls at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 15:08:39 EDT 2008

>  Hi Dan, meet Dan, your other self who apparently does work while you
>  are out of it. ;)

Be sure to double-charge your customer! ;-)

I found the CDK wiki, Petes blog and some skypecall component
tutorial, I'll have a look (although Daniel might have more background

I have a similar ExcelFactory complete from a similar project that
should be quite re-usable once I get as far as a tag that iterates
over a datamodel.

Since the specs and structure of the end-result (the xls file) is
quite fixed, the excel-generation can probably be modified to support
POI and
other libraries as well. Well, perhaps it's best to get *one* version
working before thinking of that.

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