[seam-dev] Trunk build

Pete Muir pete.muir at jboss.org
Mon Apr 28 10:08:13 EDT 2008

Thanks for the help!
On 25 Apr 2008, at 19:28, Jay Balunas wrote:

> I did a quick set of tests on trunk - here is what I found.
> I cleaned my entire repository, and did an update to get the latest  
> stuff from trunk.
> I was able to build trunk without a problem, and attempted to build  
> all of the examples.  I did not do a complete set of tests, just  
> made sure they built.
> The "ant downloadDependenciesSources" and "ant eclipseclasspath"  
> also built with out an error.
> Here is where I had problems:
> - spring example fails to build

This was actually an older problem, but I fixed it.

> - takeaway example fails to build

Deleted the example - it was never finished.

> - seam-gen failed when running "setup"


> - ant dependencyReport - failed with repository messages


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