[seam-dev] Re: Starting the Seam 2.0.2.CR2 release

Jay Balunas jbalunas at redhat.com
Wed Apr 30 15:00:06 EDT 2008

I am about to tag for the release, but I found a couple of small thing 
that I wanted to get clarified or commented on first.

2 test suite failures
These were after a clean checkout of Seam_2_0 and I cleaned my maven 
repository.  Then ran "ant cleanall testall testreport".  I know this 
was not an issue during 2.0.2.CR1.  I will attach the html report.
-  TestCase SeamSpace: Blog - testCreateComment
- TestCase SeamSpace: Register - testRegister

Snapshot repository search:
- Search for "artifact:remoteRepository"
  - I believe these are not issues, just want to note them.
     - They seem to just be for CI, or embedded type builds.
  - Snapshot references in:
    - build/embedded/build.xml
    - build/build.xml
    - build/ci.build.xml


Pete Muir wrote:
> As all issues in JIRA for Seam 2.0.2.CR2 are now resolved, the release 
> process for Seam 2.0.2.CR2 is now underway.
> Please don't make any commits to the Seam_2_0 branch without checking 
> with Jay first.
> I really hope that this CR can be the last one before the GA!
> Thanks for your hard work,
> Pete
> -- 
> Pete Muir
> http://www.seamframework.org
> http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/Pete
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