[seam-dev] Website performance - help offer

Sebastian Hennebrueder usenet at laliluna.de
Wed Mar 12 20:40:09 EDT 2008

Christian Bauer schrieb:
> On Mar 12, 2008, at 22:45 , Sebastian Hennebrueder wrote:
>> I had a first look at the wiki and resulting queries. Is it possible 
>> that you are using MySQL for your forum?
>> The queries for the forum results in subqueries -> ForumQuery class.
> Yes, we use MySQL and yes, all the forum queries that used expensive 
> subqueries have meanwhile been optimized to use joins instead. Check 
> subversion trunk. 

I found two left over when displaying the forums and showing a thread. 
Further nested queries happens when you add topics. I will generate some 
test data in order two better evaluate the performance impact and will 
evaluate the same in PostgreSQL as well. Is this actually an option or 
shall I stop the efforts here?

Just to avoid a version or configuration mismatch. I am looking at:

While testing I found that queries are issued when ever I display a 
forum thread.  Is this true for the seamframe.org site as well? If so, 
what do you think about the idea, adding a boolean attribute to the node 
as a cache marker.
We could write the part of the page showing the thread somewhere on the 
disk and deliver it whenever the cached flag is true.

Best Regards


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