[seam-dev] Website performance - help offer

Christian Bauer christian.bauer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 21:03:19 EDT 2008

On Mar 13, 2008, at 01:57 , Sebastian Hennebrueder wrote:

>> Yes, we use MySQL and yes, all the forum queries that used  
>> expensive subqueries have meanwhile been optimized to use joins  
>> instead. Check subversion trunk.
> Alternative idea: use page fragment cache with a cache configuration  
> allowing to overflow to the file system. This would limit memory  
> consumption as well.

Follow what we do on http://www.seamframework.org/Documentation/TuningTheSeamWebsite 
  and make sure you get JIRA notifications. The page fragment cache  
infrastructure is already done and partially rolled out.

If you want to help out, pick one of the issues listed here which are  
not assigned:


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