[seam-dev] FormBuilder help request

Tomas Cerny tom.cerny at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 12:53:08 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I am looking for someone who could help me with evolving FormBuilder.


it is always better to have more opinions to consider, new ides and new

I have some future requests (not prioritized):

   1. Eclipse plug-in (even that now it is simple to use)
   2. Table generation (simple, just to write templates, may require
   additional changes to FormBuilder)
   3. New validation for date before another date or after another date
   (JSF + JS)  (possibly for other data types)
   4. Usage of FormBuilder for test generation (similar as form
   generation is also test generation that fill in the form the data. Since
   formBuilder takes just templates for each data type we can generate a source
   code for selenium or other tools)
   5. Possible elimination of forms from JSF
development.Auto-generatethem on request according defined facelet
tags and mapping? good or bad
   6. ICE-faces integration (I am working on that with J
Guglielmin<jguglielmin at icesoft.com>
   7. Decide if the idea should be merged to the Hibernate Tools (now
   independent, can work for another JSF projects as well or even without
   8. Improve seam-gen directly with user-accessible templates

All of us have probably other things to work on, but every suggestion is

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