[seam-dev] Updates to Seam release process to allow for translation work

Pete Muir pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk
Thu Mar 27 05:39:03 EDT 2008


You've previously raised the issue of how we allow the JBoss Content
Team to work on translation/documentation and requested that we freeze
the documentation approximately 2 weeks before we release.

Having thought about this some, we don't think that this is really
practical. So here is our alternative proposal:

1) We release Seam X.Y.Z.GA with the English docs as prepared by Seam
committers. This allows users quick access to the code and also to
updated docs

2) We freeze this branch for around 2 - 3 weeks except for any
critical code fixes and documentation/translation work

3) We then release Seam X.Y.Z.SP1 with any critical fixes and translations


This obviously increases the QA/release managers load so I propose
that only extremely critical fixes make it into the code, examples or
seam-gen. As the release testing and process is increasingly automated
this should become easier. What do you think?


Pete Muir

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