[seam-dev] Updates to Seam release process to allow for translation work

Pete Muir pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk
Thu Mar 27 09:21:14 EDT 2008

On 27/03/2008, Jay Balunas <tech4j at gmail.com> wrote:

> > > So, did the translated docs get committed into an RCS at all? This
> > > is what Shane and I were struggling with - the tag needs to reflect
> > > what was released, so you need somewhere to place the translation.
> > > We want to avoid putting in a branch for each release.
> I was not deeply involved with the docs so I am not 100% certain, but I
> believe that the were "labeled" - similar to "tagged" in clearcase :( post
> release with the same label as the release.  This way future packaging
> contained the translation.  This does not seem like the best approach
> though.

Yeah, I'm -1 on overlaying the tag

> > > Another option we discussed would be get just the doc/ dir tagged
> > > with with the translations post release (e.g.
> > > JBoss_Seam_2_0_2_GA_TR1) and release a separate zip including
> > > translated docs.
> I like this tagging approach - because moving forward there are also going
> to be multiple translations and they probably will not all be finished at
> the same time.  As new ones are completed they can be released.

The other question is, do we do an overlayed main zip and upload to
sourceforge or not as we go.

Or do we split the docs out completely from the dist, then just
overlay the docs zip and replace it.

Pete Muir

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