[seam-dev] Importing the photoalbum maven application to m2eclipse/JBoss Tools

Snjezana Peco snjezana.peco at redhat.com
Sun Aug 30 21:45:40 EDT 2009

I have tried to import the photoalbum application from 
to Eclipse.
There are a few issues related to m2eclipse and WTP.

In order to import the application to Eclipse and configure it to work 
with m2eclipse and JBoss Tools, it is necessary to do the following:

1. ejb, ear, web modules
- change the names of the modules to:

2. ear module
- set the version to 5 in maven-ear-plugin
- set photoalbum-ear final-name to photoalbum-ear and add bundleFileName 
to the web and ejb module of maven-ear-plugin - obliged because the WTP 
deployer ignores deployName - see 
https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBIDE-4655 i 
- create application.xml and jboss-app.xml in 
src/main/application/META-INF - see 
- change context-root from photoalbum to photoalbum-web in pom.xml and 
application.xml because m2eclipse ignores context-root - see 

3. ejb module
- move component.properties from src/main/resources-filtered to 
src/main/resources with the following contents:
#Mon Sep 15 14:29:32 EEST 2008
and remove src/main/resources-filtered
- remove the configuration of maven-resource-plugin
I haven't succeeded to configure Maven resource filtering within 
m2eclipse. But, as it is, Maven resource filtering is unnecessary here 
because I have had to change the EAR's final name.

4) There is a bug in org.jboss.tools.jsf/PostInstallJsfFacetDelegate - 
this class calls IProject.refreshLocal within the facet install 
procedure which, sometimes, throws an exception. Until the bug is fixed, 
you can workaround it by calling Maven>Update Project Configuration on 
the EAR project

In order to test importing the photoalbum application, you can do the 

- install/update m2eclipse >=
- install the latest JBoss Tools trunk
- define Seam Runtime 2.1.1.GA and the DefaultDS connection profile 
(they can be set after checking out Maven projects)
- call Import>Check out Maven Projects from SCM
- select svn for SCM URL and enter 
- finish the Import wizard

You will get the photoalbum application containing the JBoss Tools settings.


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