[seam-dev] Seam examples - what to keep :-)

Pete Muir pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk
Sat Nov 21 04:06:26 EST 2009

In general, we have too many copies of the booking example and these need to be merged or removed.

Again, let's make this into a wiki page, and try to rationalize a bit further!

We do need an overall lead on examples, anyone want to take that?

Seam 3 examples 

* Blog has become Permalink in Weld
* Booking (needs overhaul and all booking examples need merging)
* Contact list (Seam application framework)
* Numberguess (Drools, should be different to jBPM example)
* DVDStore (jBPM processes and pageflow)
* Excel
* Booking (Groovy)
* Guicebar
* Booking (Hibernate)
* Booking (ICEFaces)
* IText
* Booking (JEE5)
* Booking (JPA)
* Mail
* Messages (JSP, remove)
* Booking (Metawidget)
* DVDStore (Metawidget)
* Booking (Nested)
* Numberguess (Pageflow)
* OpenId
* Portal (see portal project)
* Seampay (Quartz)
* Seampay (EJB Async)
* Registration (trivial example for tutorial, so keep)
* Remoting/*
* Seambay (JAX-RS)
* Seambay (old WS, replaced by JAX-RS support, remove)
* Seamdiscs (Trinidad integration, CRUD, maybe remove)
* Seamspace (security)
* Booking (Spring)
* Tasks (JAX-RS)
* Todo (jBPM process)
* UI (testing example, remove)
* Booking (Wicket)
* Wiki

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