[seam-dev] Seam 3/Weld extensions planning notes

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Sat Nov 21 04:17:39 EST 2009

Here is a list of modules we discussed, in no particular priority order. I will follow up with what we saw as priorities.

We split the module list into three parts - Seam modules, CDI modules, and view layer integrations, we felt this separation would ensure that our modules are usable outside a particular view layer...

I've indicated where we agreed a lead (in parentheses), and where a lead is needed.

We clearly need to get this all onto a wiki page. Unless some kind soul feels like doing this, I will get to this next week :-)

CDI extensions

1) Seam 2 backwards compat (Norman)
  - access Seam 2 components from CDI
  - natively run Seam 2 apps in CDI (possibly? a later step)

2) support for other languages such as Groovy or Scala (a future direction, looking for a lead per language)
   * in general, this more writing tests and examples, than specific integration code

Seam modules/areas

3) Examples (lead needed)
 * In general, an example should be ported by the person working on that area
 * we need an overall lead (TBC)
 * we went through the example list, and decided on some we definitely want to get rid of

4) Support for replicating managed entities
  * this is something we supported in Seam 2, but it caused problems. I have previously spoken to the JBoss Clustering team about this, and they plan to add this support to JBoss AS. IMO we should use this support, and not try to implement it ourselves, so we should check with them to find out the status.

5) jBPM support (Joram Barez/Pete)
* Joram Barez for the jBPM team would like to look at this, sometime early in the new year. Seam PE.

6) Drools support (Tiho)
* Tiho has done a lot of work improving our support for Drools 5, all that remains is porting this over to the CDI model. I think this is a perfect candidate for the first release as a result... Seam PE (Tiho to lead)

7) Hot-deploy support (Pete)
* this is something we supported in Seam 2
* splits into two parts:
  - redeploy of underlying class definitions
  - rebuild of associated bean and class metadata
* IMO the class redeploy should be dealt with by the container, not Seam/Weld, but this may not happen quickly
  - placing a jar into the deploy/ dir of JBoss AS is a workaround for this
* rebuild of bean and class metadata probably belongs in the Weld core
* Max suggests taking a look a JRebel for the class bit.

8) JAX-RS integration (Jozef? and Christian?)

9) Resource module for Seam (?)
  * DocumentStore
  * Classloading stuff from Seam
  * I would prefer to not have this if at all possible

10) I8ln support (?)

11) Servlet support (as a CDI PE?) (Nik)

12) Security (Shane)
   * Also going to get Shane together for a couple of days with Anil soon so that they can work out how we can better reuse the support JBoss Security provides (e.g. using their SSO, NTLM, Kerberos etc. support)

13) TX and persistence (?)
  * question: do we want to support pre-EE5 environments, sounds from Gavin's email like he thinks we should

14) Mail (?, Tomaz are you interested?)

15) Pageflow (?)

16) Reporting
  - PDF (Norman)
  - Excel (Daniel and Nik)

18) Seam application framework (Dan/Jozef)

16) JMS (Shane or community member)
 - basic (injection of JMS resources)
 - bridge the event bus over JMS

17) JBoss ESB 5 integration (Kev Connor leading with Pete)

View layer integrations 

17) Faces (Dan)
  - includes JSF controls for other modules
  - Seam Managed Transactions
  - Nested conversations
  - JSF Scopes
  - No more pages.xml
  - Debug page

18) Wicket (UE Weld extension) (Clint)

19) GWT (Pete and Heiko)

20) Javascript remoting (Shane)

21) RSS (Nik)

22) CDI portable XML layer (Shane)

Other tasks

23) Weld bugfixing (Pete to lead)

24) Seam documentation review and overhaul (?)

25) Weld extension docs (Dan/Gavin)

26) Testing JBoss Tools support for CDI (everyone!)

27) Unit testing/integration testing support
  - Embedded JBoss (ALR leading)
  - MockFaces (enhanced version of the JSF mocks and lifecycle mocks from Seam test) (Alex Smirnov leading )
  - Shrinkwrap & Arquillian (testing support for containers ALR/Aslak/Pete leading)

28) JIRA cleanup (Gavin/Pete)

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