[seam-dev] Fwd: [JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBSEAM-4474) Hibernate class org.hibernate.lob.ReaderInputStream is now org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.ReaderInputStream and that breaks Seam

Scott Marlow smarlow at redhat.com
Mon Nov 16 13:06:06 EST 2009


There is a Seam reference to a Hibernate class that recently was renamed 
(package changed as part of a refactoring).  This is currently causing a 
problem (described in the jira) for the use of Seam + Hibernate 

The ReaderInputStream code could probably be inlined as there isn't much 
left to it:

public class ReaderInputStream extends InputStream {
     private Reader reader;

     public ReaderInputStream(Reader reader) {
         this.reader = reader;

     public int read() throws IOException {
         return reader.read();


Could JBSEAM-4474 be fixed in Seam to not depend on the Hibernate 
ReaderInputStream class (or something like that)?  :-)


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