[seam-dev] Mercurial vs GIT

Daniel Roth daniel at danielroth.se
Tue Nov 24 17:22:09 EST 2009

1) I have not tried GIT...
2) Comparing Mercurial and SVN, for me, is like comparing an nightmare and
ease of use.

There is a Mercurial plugin for Eclipse, but it's really no good. We
experienced some bugs at work with it (DivideByZero), submitted a patch
but... Still nothing has happened... I've tried meld, kdiff3 and the
tortoise thingy for windows, but still I always end up with command line
because things don't work. Also there is really no good way of branching.
Named branches is a MESS so even the hg team thinks it's better to crete to
different clones and then manually merge them. (See their manual)

One other thing I'd like to say is that having a distr. repo may sound
really fancy, but it's rarely needed. Although being spread over different
offices all over the world, that feature is never really needed at my work.
And the really really really few times it is, you could just as well make an
ordinary patch, and give it to the other person. However, there have been
many times when hours has been wasted when trying to resolve issues when two
people have worked in our root repo at the same time.

Just my 10 öre...


On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:00 PM, Stuart Douglas <
stuart at baileyroberts.com.au> wrote:

> As I understand it GIT support on windows is not good, and also just having
> a quick google around it looks like the tooling support is not very mature
> either. Also the commands are different to subversions commands so there is
> quite a steep learning curve.
> I like bazaar, it uses the same commands as subversion, works on all
> platforms and has eclipse and windows support. It also has launchpad, which
> is the bzr equivalent of github.
> Stuart
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> I have not tried GIT, but from what I have read it is pretty complicated
> to learn to use...
> OTOH I have tried Mercurial, which is also distributed, and found it
> confortable... apparently the
> way it deals with its distribute nature is easier for subversion users
> to understand...
> AFAIK Netbeans source code is in Mercurial, also OpenJDK... So it seems
> to work
> well with large code bases... and there are plugins for Netbeans,
> Eclipse and the Tortoise Hg
> project is advanced and usable...
> Google Code offers free Mercurial hosting...
> Why not Mercurial?
> Pete Muir escribió:
> > A quick item we discussed at the f2f meeting was whether to switch to
> > GIT for our SCM, rather than SVN.
> >
> > This would give us a IMO a system well suited to our distribued dev
> > model, it would also make it much easier for others to sandbox PEs and
> > then contribute them back to us.
> >
> > The proposal is to use Github to host.
> >
> > The team members at devoxx were in favour, but what do others think?
> >
> > Pete
> >
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