[seam-dev] New Seam/Weld QE Lead

Martin Gencur mgencur at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 09:53:23 EDT 2012

Yay! Congrats Marek :-)

On 5.9.2012 14:39, Ondřej Skutka wrote:
> Hello!
> Let me announce a change in the Seam/Weld QE Lead position. From now 
> on you can reach to Marek Schmidt to solve all your Seam/Weld QE 
> related problems and tasks for the team.
> Marek has only been in the team since Feb 2011, but he grew very 
> quickly to an internals expert with the ability to dig deep into any 
> problem fast and effectively (read he can break anything). He's also 
> able to manage other team members as he's proven many times, so I 
> believe this role will suit him well.
> Please join me in congratulating Marek on his new role.
> Good luck, Marek
> Thanks,
> Ondra

Martin Gencur
QE Lead, JBoss Data Grid
Desk phone: +420 532 294 192, ext. 62192

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