[jbossseam-issues] Accessing entities outside of injection

David Radunz davidr at utiba.com
Thu Nov 22 19:50:23 EST 2007


    Not sure if this is the correct list to be posting to, if it isn't 
please advise the appropriate place. I have a web application that does 
not use persistence (hibernate) as we have a non-database data source 
and a custom mediation layer between that and Seam. I have a need to get 
a new (or existing) instance of a named entity (or what ever: 
action/controller as well) by code. The reason I am posting a request to 
the mailing list is because we are using the @Install annotation and as 
such I cannot instantiate the class directly because I of course want 
the "installed" version.

Something like the following would be great..

package test.product;

public class Person {


package test.site;

public class Person extends test.product.Person {


And then in code somewhere use "person" to obtain a new or existing 
instance of "test.site.Person" (being the installed version). Perhaps 
some sort of EL resolving code?

Any ideas?


David Radunz

Senior Developer
Utiba Pty Ltd
ph: +613 9606 0444
ad: Level 6, 190 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

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