[undertow-dev] Mostly IO, non-blocking workload best practice

Chris Back chris.back at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 10:08:09 EDT 2015

I am writing a server that will need to respond to lots of small web
requests. Most of the requests will come with a small POST payload. Based
on the contents of the payload, the server will either a) respond
immediately, or b) forward the request as is to one of a pool of backend
servers, waiting for a response and forwarding the response back to the

It looks like given the existing undertow code, I have good examples of how
to forward requests to the backend. What isn't as clear is how to handle
the getting the POST data. Is there a way of doing that without blocking?

Ideally, my handler flow would be:

1. Non-blocking request handler that makes sure all POST data is in.
2. A non-blocking handler that decisions based on content of POST data to
3a. Immediately return a response to the client (non-blocking).
3b. Dispatch to the worker pool to forward request to backend server and
await response.

90% of my requests will go through path 3a, and I'd like that to be as
quick as possible. When the server decides a request should go through 3b,
only then should it go to the blocking worker pool.

Am I viewing this correctly? What are my options? Based on this thread
it seems like an option could be to get the request channel in step 1
above? Its not clear to me how that would work.

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