[weld-dev] Question about conversations scope initilization obeserver

Benjamin Confino BENJAMIC at uk.ibm.com
Mon Jan 27 05:42:14 EST 2020


I have a customer who's sent me a sample application, I have attached the 
source to it below. 

When the customer visits index.xhtml they see the following output: 

Conversation initialized.
Conversation begun. cid:1, timeout:3600000
Conversation destroyed. cid:1

However when they append "?cdi=" or a non-existnant identifier like 
"?cdi=10000" to the url they do not see "Conversation initialized."

The CDI spec says that: If the propagated conversation cannot be restored, 
the container must associate the request with a new transient conversation 
and throw an exception of type 

I'm wondering if this should apply here? Or would it only apply if the cid 
pointed to an existing conversation that could not be restored? And is 
there anything in the spec that covers this specific situation?

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