[wildfly-dev] Adding Wildfly to the TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks

Cody Lerum cody.lerum at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 12:14:53 EST 2014

I've had this queued up for a bit but Stuart suggested I hold off
until Wildfly went final so here it is.

Some of you are probably aware of a Web Framework Benchmark project
that is being put on by TechEmpower
(http://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/). They are currently up to the
8th round with 90 participating "frameworks". Undertow as been around
for a few rounds and is routinely at or near the top of the charts.

My goal here is to incorporate EE7 into these results with Wildfly
providing the implementation. There are a lot of different ways to go
here, but my preference is to stay portable with the application so
that if another EE7 implementation wanted to use the same code it
would be an apples to apples comparison. IMO this means for example
that it shouldn't dip down into undertow/hibernate/resteasy/etc
specific features that wouldn't be available on other application
servers. Stick to EE7 API.

There currently are 6 tests

1. Plaintext: Simple "Hello World!" Text response. Not that
interesting and not dynamic. Implemented via JAX-RS.

2. JSON Serialization: "Hello World" placed into a new object and then
serialized out to JSON. Again not really a real world thing since
nothing dynamic is happening here. Implemented via JAX-RS.

3. Single Query: Select a single random result from a database and
serialize out to JSON. First real world test. Implemented via JAX-RS,
CDI, JPA.  https://github.com/codylerum/FrameworkBenchmarks/blob/ee7-wildfly/ee7-wildfly/src/main/java/com/techempower/ee7/tests/SingleQuery.java

4. Multiple Queries: Select a specified number of random results from
database one by one. Add to list and serialize out to JSON.
Implemented via JAX-RS, CDI, JPA.

5. Data Updates:  Select a specifed number of random results from
database one by one and update a value on each of them. Then return
the result via JSON. Implemented via JAX-RS, CDI, JPA.

6. Fortunes: Select all from database and store in a list. Add a new
result and sort. Display sorted results as an html table. Implemented
via JSF, CDI, JPA.

Since 1 and 2 are handled so well by undertow and really aren't
anything someone would do real world with an application server I
could see dropping them and just not participating in those tests.
Unless anyone thinks differently.

On the other tests it would be helpful if you could review the code to
see if there are better/faster ways to accomplish the same tasks
without dipping into implementation specific features that would not
be portable.



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