[wildfly-dev] getRequestURI returns welcome file instead of original request

Stuart Douglas stuart.w.douglas at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 13:28:34 EDT 2014

> "The container may send the request to the welcome resource with a
> forward, a redirect, or a container specific mechanism that is
> indistinguishable from a direct request."

It was because of this that I decided to do a full rewrite, which comes 
under the 'indistinguishable from a direct request' part.

> However, the JavaDoc for HttpServletRequest#getRequestURI doesn't seem
> to allow this.

What makes you say that?

> At any length, it's a nasty difference that breaks various things.
> Wonder what the general opinion is about this. Was it a conscious
> decision to do a full rewrite in Undertow, or was it something that
> slipped through?

In general I have been trying to match jboss web's functionality for 
under specified behaviour such as this.

If you file a JIRA I will look at changing it in 1.1.


> Kind regards,
> Arjan
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