[wildfly-dev] Console and feature packs

Stuart Douglas stuart.w.douglas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 00:18:55 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Now that we have the initial feature pack and provisioning stuff working 
I have been thinking a bit about what we should do with the console. I 
think it makes the most sense to just have the console as a separate 
feature pack, as this gives us the maximum amount of flexibility. In 
particular this will make it easy to provision Wildfly-core and 
Wildfly-web instances with or without the console as required.

Assuming we go down this route this gives us a few options as to where 
this should live:

- Wildfly Core repo - This would not be part of a standard core build, 
but would just build another feature pack with only the console (like 

- Its own repo - We could create a new repo just for this, but it seems 
like overkill.

- The console project - This would mean that the feature pack would then 
be versioned using the same scheme as the console, every time the 
console was released the feature pack should be ready immediately.

- Somewhere else - The full WF distro, or the upcoming wildfly-web repo 
for instance.

For what it is worth I think that it would make the most sense for this 
to live in the console project, as this gives us the maximum flexibility.


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